Thursday, March 21, 2013


Baking passes the time. I'm waiting for my sisters to get from Boise to Moscow, and so I baked them muffins! My dream of perfect blueberry muffins did not pan out, but I expected that. What I did not expect was that my topping would sink! But I guess I should've know better. . . that leftover wine should have stayed in the bottle until tomorrow night!

These are frozen. Soon, summer. Soon.

Is pastry flour worth it? Mmm. . . I'm just a peasant.  I can't tell the difference!

I nearly ate this with a spoon. . . But I had a dream. A dream of a sweet, sticky muffin that was dense and light at the same time. A magic muffin. So I just licked the spoon. (As you can see, this batter is nowhere near as thick as the 'glue-like consistency' that those fancy cooks hold up as your muffin Mecca). 

Hmm. That Strussel topping looks good. Maybe too good?

*SOB* Where'd my topping go?! I sure miss it. . .On the plus side, however, there is a nice crunchy top on my muffins, sort of what I always thought a brulee topping would be like. So it was not a total loss. Next time, I should probably follow the recipe more closely. . . I used about 5 times the amount of butter needed! Me and my butter lust. . .

Ah, muffin! You were worth it! Even if you are basically a fruity cupcake.

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